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'A History of Bradford City AFC in Objects' by John Dewhirst is the first volume in the bantamspast 'History Revisited' series. This 344 page, all colour publication includes a wealth of memorabilia, relics and souvenirs covering the eleven decades of the club's existence. The author - who has written and contributed to numerous books about Bradford City - provides a detailed history about the Bantams provide a unique perspective. Hunter Davies acclaimed the book by saying that 'this is the best illustrated history of any club I have ever read'. Tweets: #bcafcobjects

'Reinventing Bradford City' by Jason McKeown is the second volume in the bantamspast 'History Revisited' series. It tells the story of the last thirty years since the re-opening of Valley Parade and the club's rollercoaster ride through the divisions via the Premier League and Wembley. Taking 12 of the biggest games from the past 30 years, author Jason McKeown - who manages the popular Width of a Post website - tells the story of a glorious and turbulent era for the club. Featuring interviews with the likes of Sturt McCall and Phil Parkinson, this is a definitive account of how Bradford City has continued to reinvent itself. Tweets: #reinventingbcafc

'Room at the Top' by John Dewhirst is the third volume in the bantamspast 'History Revisited' series. He narrates the origins of sport in Bradford and the emergence of football in the nineteenth century. Bradford is remembered as a centre of industrial revolution but it was also the home of a sporting revolution and by 1890 its leading football club was said to be the richest in England. 'Room at the Top' explains how Bradford became gripped by football, why it was rugby and not soccer, the origins of the different clubs and where they played. Dewhirst also gives the reasons for the blood feud between the Park Avenue and Valley Parade rivals. This is a definitive history and never before has there been such a detailed account of Bradford sport and of how it shaped a local identity. Tweets: #roomatthetop

'Life at the Top' also by John Dewhirst provides the sequel to 'Room at the Top' and explains how rugby came to be abandoned at Park Avenue and Valley Parade and the renewal of a rivalry in the Football League between Bradford City and Bradford Park Avenue. Never before has the rivalry been satisfactorily explained not the reasons why the two clubs changed codes twice in succeeding decades. Discover the real reasons for the secession from the Rugby Union, how soccer was introduced to Bradford and the controversy of merger discussions in 1907. Tweets: #lifeatthetop

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Myths and reality: A new series of books offering fresh perspectives on the history of Bradford football challenging the traditional version of events.

A History of Bradford City AFC in Objects

John Dewhirst (pub 2014, on sale in Waterstones)
Acclaimed by Hunter Davies as “the best illustrated history of any club I have ever read”, it provides an alternative history of the Bantams through surviving artefacts and memorabilia. Also includes comparative Park Avenue programmes and relics.

Re-Inventing Bradford City AFC 

Jason McKeown (pub March, 2016)
The last 30 years of Bradford City have featured a rollercoaster highs and lows. From promotions, relegations, the Premier League, almost going bankrupt, reaching a major cup final, and becoming the pioneers of affordable football.
Featuring interviews with players, managers, directors, journalists and fans, RE-INVENTING BRADFORD CITY tells the inside story of how City emerged from tragedy in 1985 and evolved through modern times. How they have continued to reinvent themselves, in both good ways and bad.

Room At The Top: The origins of Bradford football & the rivalry of Bradford FC and Manningham FC 

John Dewhirst (pub June, 2016)
The story of all the pioneering clubs, the military heritage and the origins of claret and amber as well as the red, amber and black. The author’s research and analysis provides a new interpretation of the rugby schism of 1895 as well as the conversion to soccer at Valley Parade in 1903 and at Park Avenue in 1907. Above all it explains the antagonism between the two Bradford clubs which set the tone for the twentieth century relationship.

The final volume in the series, WOOL CITY RIVALS, an illustrated history of the twentieth century Park Avenue / City rivalry will be published in 2017/18
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